Jonathan wrote at 2006-8-21 14:05 -0400:
> ...
>>>And the ZeoServer1 folder is back.  I then pack zope and the ZeoServer1
>>>folder disappears again.  I can do this again and again and again.
>> If your "Data.fs.old" is not too large (not larger than 1 MB)
>> and on the path to the "ZeoServer1" are only standard Zope objects, you
>> could send it to me for investigation ([bg]zip it, to make it smaller).
>Thanks for the very kind offer but the Data.fs file is 53Mb before packing 
>and 7.8Mb after packing. I tried tar/gzip but the 53Mb only dropped down to 

Then you may try the following:

  Manually add the mount point after packing.
  Pack again and see whether the mount point will still vanish.
  If it does, gzip and sent it to me (privately).

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