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rehi all,

whatever happened to mounted zodb support? did it ever exist in standalone zodb?

No. Starting in 3.3, ZODB has multi-database support, which made Zope 2's implementation of mounting much cleaner.

looking at Mount.py, it seems to be pretty antiquated -- why is it
even there?

It shouldn't be AFAIK. I don't believe it was ever used. I'm pretty sure it is a decoy. I'll remove it. Thanks for reminding me of this.

is it possible to hack mount support with the current code

Mounting is very much an application level concept. Zope 2 supports mounting. It's implementation builds on ZODB multi-database support.

and finally, a neophyte question, how do you keep multiple zodb
connections open in the same thread, but keep the various transactions
involved isolated when you call commit(), abort(), &c. ?

By creating separate transaction managers and passing each connection it's own transaction manager when you create it. This causes the connections to be divorced from the thread-local transaction manager. Note that this has nothing to do with mounting or multi- databases.


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