On 8/17/06, Tino Wildenhain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Jim Fulton schrieb:
>> I can put a fake progress indicator
>> anytime that advances every second a bit and never reaches 100%.
> Good idea. :)

I fear this idea is already patented by Microso~1 ;)

And I detest it. There is nothing as annoying as progress indicators
that start fast and then go slower, and slower. You think "this will
not take long", and then you go "it's getting slower..." and "hmm,
isn't it gonna finish soon?" and then "gee, I would have had time to
make a coffee but not it's only 25% left so now I don't have time any
more" and the "what the fu... has it crashed?" and then at 5% you
realize you could have made two coffees or taken a small nap. ;)

A progress bar like that is worse than no progress bar at all.

Just my 2 centimes.
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