El lun, 02-10-2006 a las 16:41 -0400, Benji York escribió:
Juan Pablo Giménez wrote:
> El lun, 02-10-2006 a las 15:38 -0400, Benji York escribió:
>> Russ Ferriday wrote:
>> > But for an app to be writing into thin air without complaining -  
>> > THAT's a bug!
>> > Even having a backup of the Data.fs would not help!
>> > Not picking on zope, but if that's what's happening it has to be  
>> > called a bug.
>> True.  It is much more likely that the Data.fs was replaced about a week 
>> ago (say an attempted backup restore) and the Zope process wasn't 
>> restarted.  That is one way to evoke the observed behavior.
> maybe that's true...
> but... Why zope keeps writing in .tmp file if we can't use it? One week 
> writing in a useless file... That's a bug...

That's not what the temp file is for.  That temp file just accumulates 
the current transaction before it is appended to the Data.fs.  The temp 
file has nothing to do with your problem.  Read the rest of the thread 
for actual helpful advice.  (and please reply publicly in the future)

    sorry Benji, I forgot the cc to the list....

    I'm not blaming the zope team... zope is great!

    but the real problem wasn't a deleted file... was a corrupted file... and a sysadmin who doesn't read the log file...

    but... if zope knows about the corrupted Data.fs, why keeps writing into .tmp file?!


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