Dieter Maurer wrote:
A new proposal:

It outlines how to implement a ZODB cache limited not be the
number of containing objects but by their estimated memory size.

Feedback welcome -- either here or in the Wiki.

I'm going to reply here because I think discussion is easier here, at
least in the short term.

First, I like the gist of the proposal. I think the proposal
should be split into 2 proposals:

1. Refactor (persistence and) cache management to reduce coupling
   between persistence, database, and cache frameworks.

   This needs more thought and specification.  I'm gonna spend
   some time today on a proposal that is mostly complementary to

   I'll note that, as a guiding principle, any refactoring we do
   should allow pure-python implementation. This means that APIs
   need to be Python APIs, although we should consider efficient
   C implementations when designing these APIs.

2. Provide object size information to the cache for use in it's

I wouldn't do much to this proposal until you've had a chance to read
mine. :)


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