|Jim Fulton]
Or consider object activation and deactivation. If a ghost is
shared among multiple threads, then __setstate__ could
be called from separate threads.

[Dieter Maurer]
But, why should this be a problem? They would install the same

__setstate__ implementations are normally never written to be
thread-safe, and can leave the state temporarily insane /during/
construction; IOW, they expect to run "atomically", as does virtually
all code that isn't deliberately & carefully written to be
thread-safe.  This goes deep; here's an example:


   I believe I identified one cause for catastrophic thread-race
   problems here (sharing a Connection across multiple threads, or
   for any other reason sharing an in-memory persistent object across
   non-serialized threads), even when objects are never modified.  It
   doesn't look shallow to me.
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