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Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
Hi there,

the DB.open method makes me wonder how it works

It locks with self._a() and calls self._connectionMap which locks too. I
cannot imagine a way this could possibly work.

I guess the lock should be released before the _connectionMap call?

Interestingly both all the tests pass and ZODB works...

Note the following in the __init__()::

        # Allocate lock.
        x = threading.RLock()
        self._a = x.acquire
        self._r = x.release

The lock is a "reentrant" lock[1], which means that subsequent locks
from within the same thread do not deadlock;  instead, they increment
the lock count.

[1] http://docs.python.org/lib/module-threading.html#l2h-3418

Right. *removing blindfold* This explains something :) Thanks for the note.

Actually I came to that lock while investigating Ape for ZODB 3.6 where it in some way actually *did* lock. But I'll investigate that later.

Christian Zagrodnick

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