Hi Chris,

I am no ZODB expert.  But I see a few thins that are wrong with the code.  Others should be able to comment at length:

  - You cant just catch ConflictError and pass

  - I think you can catch a ReadConflictError and *retry* that is ok.

  - But a ConflictError needs to be *retried* manually in your client code.

If you catch a ConflictError you need to abort the transaction.
You should be explicit about *beginning* transactions after ending previous transaction.

If your using threads.  I believe you need to be a bit more careful.  Does this code
corrupt ZODB if your *not* using threads?

Instead of using threads try:

  - Write the code to be used in single process

  - Start 3 processes; see if that fails

  - Remove your try/except around ConflictError.  ConflictErrors need to be handled.
  NOTE: In Zope the framework handled ConflictError's automatically but your doing
  everything *outside* of Zope.  Which means your code needs to do the retries.

make sense?

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