Chris Withers wrote:
Christian Theune wrote:
I've tried to analyse the situation for this a bit. Some annotations are
in http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/2151 and maybe this can trigger
more input.

Thanks for looking into this, any help is much appreciated!

Note: I was a bad boy and used ZODB trunk for the analysis and didn't
remember that Chris was talking about 2.9.2 until I was done. I hope
this area didn't change too much, otherwise I'd have to repeat that
analysis. :/

zodb doesn't seem to have gotten that much attention since 2.9.x, unless I've missed something.

I see you raised some possibilities in terms of what might be causing the problem. How should we go about eliminating these?

That's the plan. This bug takes me quite some time to analyse, so I don't promise any quick success here. If anybody (Jim?) can comment on my findings to prevent me running in the wrong direction that would be very helpful.

Next step for me will be to verify the assertion that when calling settid() it must be passed a strictly larger tid than the one before.

There is no test currently assuring this or the opposite. Once I find out, I'll update the tests.


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