Am Montag, den 22.01.2007, 22:58 -0500 schrieb Manuel Vázquez Acosta:
> Hi all,
> I would like some advice on ZODB for an specific scenario. We're
> working on a Product  that will collect the contents of web pages and
> find similar ones, and make summaries of its contents.
> This process involves downloading the webpages and create the VSM for
> those documents so we can run the clustering and summarizing
> algorithms.
> However by the very nature of our application, everytime we run the
> entire process we should discard the old result, keeping the used
> space nearly constant.
> My question is if ZODB can be used in that way. If not, which are the
> options (should I make my own storage?)

There are existing storages that support this scenario. FileStorage does
not. I thought that DirectoryStorage supports this scenario, but the
online docs are a little vague on that.


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