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Under the covers "someone" is trying to invalidate a current ZEO cache
entry, and the ZEO cache is complaining because it doesn't believe it
/has/ current data ("assert o is not None").  Best guess for why it
doesn't have it is that it silently refused to add current data to
begin with, because the object pickle was bigger than the size of the
disk file allocated for the ZEO cache.  Offhand I don't recall that
this situation is tested, so it's likely to fail in some way.  One way
to check:  configure the ZEO cache file to be reasonably bigger than
the size of `data = '*'*100000000`.  If the problem goes away then,
that's the cause ;-)

You're right (as always). Increasing the cache size makes the problem
disappear. I created a bug report for this issue:



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