Petra Chong wrote at 2007-2-13 18:27 -0000:
> ...
>In the docs I have read that it is possible for non-zodb apps to plug
>into the transaction framework. However, I am unable to find any
>specifics as to how to do this. 
>What I'd like to do is this:
>1. Have my app import transaction
>2. When transaction.commit() is called from my app, have other things be
>notified by that.

Ages ago, I found a documentation about the ZODB that details
its transaction handling. I have remembered the essential facts
but forgot where I have found the documentation.
With your favorite search engine, you might be able to find it....

Alternatively, you can look at the source code for
"transaction._transaction.Transaction.commit" or
use Zope's "shared.DC.ZRDB.TM.TM" (the "TM" stands for
"Transaction Manager").

The "TM" class is used to interface
Zope's relational database adapters to the transaction system.
To see how "TM" might be used, you can look at the
implementation of a Zope database adapter. The "TM" use
is traditionally found in a file called "" ((almost) all
adapters seem to have been copied from a common ancestor and then
modified), e.g. "ZPsycopaDA/".

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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