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at the sprint we've discovered that the PyPI entry points to the wiki
page of ZODB. This seems to be a bad idea in two aspects:

- The wiki is pretty slow and buildout trying to find newer
versions for
ZODB takes a looong time
- The wiki is editable by anonymous users and we rely on it to find
download files. This looks like a security risk.

Good point.  Feel free to make it so, or I will later.

I wanted to point it to the product area of zope.org. However, it seems
that we have one Product area for each release (ZODB3-3.6, -3.7,
-3.5, ...) instead of (as Zope does) having one.

I'd like to stop using this area for ZODB. PyPI is better in a number of ways.

In the uploads I made, I removed the URL and Download URL.
(Maybe I should add back the URL.)


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