Since we implemented this, any task that takes more than a few seconds (ie.  
pack the database)  throws a clientdisconnectederror.  I am hoping someone out 
there can shed some light on what might be happening.

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could you send this again as a patch produced using `diff` against your
original sources OR tell us  which version of Zope/ZODB you used as the
starting point for this patch.


Am Mittwoch, den 07.03.2007, 08:52 -0600 schrieb Paul Williams:
> Hi Everyone, 
> We were experience problems with our zeo client setup on redhat rhel4.
> The client would just quit responding.  No memory or cpu increase was
> associated with this.  The client would remain hung until it was
> restarted. 
> We looked on the client using Netstat and the status was ESTABLISHED
> with the zeo server.  On the zeo server the netstat said LISTENING. 
> When running the deadlockdebugger, one thread was in asnycore wait.
> The others were normal actions such as folder listing or folder
> contents. 
> We implemented a couple of lines of code on line 641 of
> in the ZEO/zrpc packages 
> We added and else clause to call self.close() if delay is over one
> second.  We found that one second wasn't quite enough and moved it to
> 5 seconds. 
> Now we find out that this drastically improved our performance. The
> servers are now < 1 second per page load.  Before, they could be 5
> seconds or more, if they loaded at all.  Also, our servers used to
> crash several times a day and they now haven't crashed in almost a
> week. 
> I just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone has any comments
> at all.  I need to get a more permanent solution than this, but it is
> what we have for now. 
> System Configuration 
> Zope 2.9.5 
> Plone 2.5.1 
> Python 2.4.3 
> Redhat Rhel4 
> Communications between our zeo clients and zeo server only route
> through a switch. 
> Thank you for any help, 
> Paul Williams
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