I plan to remove version support from ZODB.  Here's my plan:

- In 3.8, we'll still have the version support we have now, bugs and all. We will try not to add new bugs, but we won't necessarily fix old ones. New APIs, if any, introduced in 3.8 won't support versions, but won't break them.

- We will be free, after 3.8, to rip out version support as we have time. When we begin this:

- We need to first remove the APIs that allow versions to be created.

- We need to have plans for dealing with databases that contain version data. For example, database iterators need to skip over version data, or we need database conversion tools that remove version data.

Unfortunately, I expect we'll be saddled with remnants for some time, as many APIs that are not version specific have version-related arguments and return values. Also, and related, I don't want to break the current ZEO protocol. I find it very useful that current ZEO servers work with fairly old clients (back to 3.2). (I have a Zope 2.6 site that is using a current ZEO server.) Eventually, I hope we will create new version-free APIs.


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