[ Jim Fulton ]:

|- We need to first remove the APIs that allow versions to be  
|- We need to have plans for dealing with databases that contain  
|version data.  For example, database iterators need to skip over  
|version data, or we need database conversion tools that remove  
|version data.

Supposing that the number of databases that actually *use* versions
is smaller than the ones that have stayed away from them...
couldn't we just remove versions from the API by default. And,
check for vestiges of versions data in databses files. If vestiges
were found then the API's would be monkey patched to give some bare
minimum version support. If vestiges are *not found*, then these
fortunate souls would be running a version-clean (ZODB) version from
day one.

Nevertheless, I do not know if this suggestion makes any sense,
(I never have touched ZODB versions) and if it does,
how much work would it imply. 

Just my 0.5 cents.

best regards,

Rodrigo Senra
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