[ Jim Fulton ]:
|There are undoubtedly databases somewhere that have version data.   
|They would be pretty rare.


|I don't know what you mean by "the API's would be monkey patched".  
|What would monkey patch them? 

What I had in mind was a product that would do these (analysis
and monkey patch) things if necessary. After the first run,
if no version vestige is detected the product could self-destruct ;o)

| Would there be some optional package  
|that people would install that would do this monkey patching?


|It sounds like we would have to provide an analysis tool,

Ops, I thought that detecting the need to support versions
would be something simpler, something like looping through
the objects and checking types-and-bytes. 
I'm afraid I had a simplistic view of the problem.
|a monkey-patching tool and some pretty complicated documentation.
|This feels like a lot more work than other options.

Ok, thanks for the feedback.

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