I encountered the following strange behavior with Zope 2.8.8.

The following code is used to integrate SQLAlchemy with
Zope. A registered utility subclassing ZopeBaseWrapper provides
a 'connection' property. This property should always return
for a given transaction the same sqlalchemy.Connection object
(which is like a connection from a connection pool within a DA).

Within a thread-local cache the last id of the transaction and the last connection is stored in order to return the connection from the cache if the property 'connection' is called/used multiple times within one request/one

A ConnectionDataManger instance is added a data manager to the current
transaction in order to integrate the ZODB transaction with the transaction system by SQLAlchemy.

class ConnectionDataManager(object):
   """ Wraps connection into transaction context of Zope """


   def __init__(self, connection):
       self.connection = connection
       self.transaction = connection.begin()

   def tpc_begin(self, trans):
       log('tpc_begin() - %s' % trans)

   def abort(self, trans):
       self.connection = None
       log('abort() - %s' % trans)

   def commit(self, trans):
       log('commit() - %s' % trans)
       self.connection = None

   def tpc_vote(self, trans):

   def tpc_finish(self, trans):
       log('tcp_finish() - %s' % trans)

   def tpc_abort(self, trans):
       log('tcp_abort() - %s' % trans)

   def sortKey(self):
       return str(id(self))

_connection_cache = threading.local() # module-level cache

class ZopeBaseWrapper(BaseWrapper):

   def connection(self):

       if not hasattr(_connection_cache, 'last_connection'):
           _connection_cache.last_transaction = None
           _connection_cache.last_connection = None

       # get current transaction
       txn = transaction.get()
       txn_str = str(txn)
       log('current thread - %s' % threading.currentThread())
       log('checking for transaction - %s' % txn_str)

       # return cached connection if we are within the same transaction
       # and same thread
       if txn_str == _connection_cache.last_transaction:
log('returning cached connection - %s' % _connection_cache.last_connection)
           return _connection_cache.last_connection

       # no cached connection, let's create a new one
       connection = self.engine.connect()
       log('creating new connection - %s' % connection)

       # register a DataManager with the current transaction

       # update thread-local cache
       _connection_cache.last_transaction = txn_str
       _connection_cache.last_connection = connection

       # return the connection
       return connection

This works almost. However when I hammer my Zope instance using ab2 (without concurrent request, option -c 1) then in some rare cases I see that a new request uses a formerly used transaction object. Look at the output

Request #1:
*** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - current thread - <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> *** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - checking for transaction - <transaction._transaction.Transaction object at 0x2ba7b29e7050> *** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - creating new connection - <sqlalchemy.engine.base.Connection object at 0x2ba7b29c4b90> *** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - tpc_begin() - <transaction._transaction.Transaction object at 0x2ba7b29e7050> *** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - commit() - <transaction._transaction.Transaction object at 0x2ba7b29e7050> *** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - tcp_finish() - <transaction._transaction.Transaction object at 0x2ba7b29e7050>

Request #2:
*** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - current thread - <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> *** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - checking for transaction - <transaction._transaction.Transaction object at 0x2ba7b29e7050> *** <_DummyThread(Dummy-1, started daemon)> - returning cached connection - <sqlalchemy.engine.base.Connection object at 0x2ba7b29c4b90>

As you can see request #1 commits without a problem. But for the second request handled by the same thread the same transaction object is re-used.

Bug or feature?


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