Andreas Jung wrote at 2007-5-4 20:04 +0200:
>--On 4. Mai 2007 19:58:47 +0200 Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Andreas Jung wrote at 2007-5-1 11:23 +0200:
>>> ...
>>> I think you are right (as always). Then let me rephrase the question:
>>> how  can one distinguish if two transaction objects represent the same or
>>> different transactions in such case where memory address is identical?
>> Why are you interested in such a distinction?
>>   While you must deliver the same connection in the same transaction,
>>   there is no harm to deliver a given connection to different transactions
>>   (provided their lifespans do not overlap).
>You can't use one connection for concurrent transactions in different 
>threads. Starting a transaction over the same connection would result in 
>nested transactions instead of concurrent transactions.

But, the transactions are not concurrent in your original description!
Instead, one transaction has been committed and (only!) then you
see a transaction with the same id again.

And if you read carefully you see "provided their lifespans do not overlap".
Obviously, transactions with non overlapping lifespans are not

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