I think you're looking at forward references when you want to look at back references.

This might help:

(you might have to change the refmap to be in a zodb with that much data though)


Chris Withers wrote:
Hi All,

We have a big(ish) zodb, which is about 29GB in size.
Thanks to the laughable difficulty of getting larger disks in big corporates, we've been looking into what's taking up that 29GB and were a bit surprised by the results.

Using from the ZODBTools in Zope 2.9.4, it turns out that we have a lot of PersistentMapping's:

990,359    13,555,382,871    Persistence.mapping.PersistentMapping

So, that's almost half of the 29GB!

AT's default storage is a PersistentMapping called _md so this isn't too surprising. However, when looking into it, it turns out that half of the PersistentMapping's actually appear to be workflow_history's from DCWorkflow.

To try and find out which objects were referencing all these workflow histories, we tried the following starting with one of the oid of these histories:

from ZODB.FileStorage import FileStorage
from ZODB.serialize import referencesf

fs = FileStorage(path, read_only=1)
data, serialno = fs.load(oid, '')
refs = referencesf(data)

To our surprise, all of the workflow histories returned an empty list for refs.

What does this mean? Is there a bug that means these objects are hanging around even though there are no references? Are we using the wrong method to find references to these objects?

(if it helps, we pack to 1 day and each pack removes between 0.5GB and 1GB from the overall size)

If there's any more info that would be helpful here, please ask away...



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