Hi Jim. I understood that you are opening connection. Looks like I misunderstood what will happen when max is reached. :-) So after reaching the max it will not disconnect - just attempt to reconnect at the max interval. I guess if this is the case, I don't see an issue with the shorter interval between retries. Worst case, it will probably just mean some extra lines in the log file before it connects (if it can).


Jim Fulton wrote:

On May 11, 2007, at 4:39 PM, David Pratt wrote:

6 seconds as max time sounds a bit short to me. I think there can be latency sometimes for whatever reason over the Internet. I would not want it necessarily closing connections as a result. Maybe max of 30 - 60 sec might be better - and still not too long to wait. If folks use the configuration, it adjustable on the other hand.

The timeout I'm talking about isn't for closing connections, it's for opening them. It's the length of time to wait before trying again after being disconnected or after failing a connection attempt.


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