I'm finally looking closely at Blobs and making a few changes. Some of these are backward incompatible. Most are inconsequential. Since Blobs are still considered experimental, I feel fairly free to do this, but I don't want to create undue pain for people.

I will make sure that the Zope 3 tests pass after the changes.

Is anyone using Blobs in production? Does anyone have precious blob pickles?

The changes that are likely to affect application code:

- Text-mode blobs are no-longer supported. (I doubt they ever truly were.) Blob files will always be created and opened in binary mode. Only the (previously) documented open modes: 'r', 'w', 'a', and 'r+', will be accepted. It will be an error, for example, to use 'wb'.

- The blob consumeFile method will officially not work with open files, which has never worked reliably on Windows. (We'll need yet another chi-module tempory-file hack to allow FieldStorage files to work with consumeFile.) Unfortunately, I know of no way to make it fail with open files on Linux.

- I'd like to simplify the directory structure. I'd like to get rid of the ZODB.Blob package and replace it with a ZODB.blob module. This means that you'll import the Blob class like this:

  import ZODB.blob

  myblob = ZODB.blob.Blob

Of course, this will affect pickles. If necessary, I can probably create a module alias, but I hope this isn't necessary.

I'll be making other changes that will make blob use less restrictive than it is now.


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