Dieter Maurer wrote:
In our private Zope version, I have still a note like this:

        # DM 2005-08-22: always call '_flush_invalidations' as it does
        #  more than cache handling only
        if self._reset_counter != global_reset_counter:
            # New code is in place.  Start a new cache.
        # DM 2005-08-22: always call '_flush_invalidations'
##        else:
##            self._flush_invalidations()

The note indicates that the bug was fixed at least at 2005-08-22
(though the handling was not completely right in case the cache
was reset).

Once again, it would be nice, now that you have access, if you could feed back your changes in areas like these rather than keeping them in your own private source tree :-(


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