Tres Seaver <tseaver <at>> writes:

> The "stock" MailHost does have this problem.  There are a couple of
> alternatives which address it:
> "zope.sendmail",
> "MaildropHost",

Hi Tres,

These look very promising!  The readme files describe exactly what I'm seeing,
and the use of a transaction commit hook for the mail sounds appropriate.

These two packages seem like they're specific to Zope though... and I'm not 
using Zope.

I'm using quixote, my imports look like:

from quixote.sendmail import sendmail as qx_sendmail
from quixote.sendmail import RFC822Mailbox

I'll be checking the quixote mailing list, but quixote isn't going to have
anything zope-specific, and I do think that it's the interaction with zope
that's giving me trouble...

Am I wrong, do you think I can use the above packages with quixote?


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