Joachim Schmitz wrote at 2007-7-20 10:40 +0200:

Obviously, you got the wrong mainling list.

This is not a ZODB problem...

> ...
>I found in updateMetadata around line 306
>         else:
>             if data.get(index, 0) != newDataRecord:
>                 data[index] = newDataRecord
>the if condition evaluates always to false, cause the data.get(index,0) 
>accesses the data of the index and not of the metadata field as long as 
>Zope was not restarted that worked fine.

The code above should prevent a write (which would grow the storage)
when in fact nothing changed. And it looks correct.

I expect "index" is a misleading term. It is indeed the catalog
id for the catalogued object. It is *not* accessing an index
but in fact the metadata.

Beside this, your sentence is a bit difficult to parse.

Maybe you try again (in a different list, probably "[EMAIL PROTECTED]")
to state precisely what went wrong -- under what precise conditions.

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