On Aug 3, 2007, at 10:00 AM, David Pratt wrote:

Hi Fred. Working with the new recipe but there does not seem to be a way to use the filestorage recipe together with it. I would like to do something like this

recipe = zc.recipe.egg:script
eggs = ZODB3

recipe = zc.recipe.filestorage

recipe = zc.zodbrecipes:server
database = database
zeo.conf = <zeo>
              address 8105
              monitor-address 8106
              transaction-timeout 300

to keep the database contained within the buildout and to produce a zeo.conf like

   address 8105
   monitor-address 8106
   transaction-timeout 300
<filestorage 1>
   path /my/buildout/path/database/Data.fs

I'll take a look at the recipe since it should be possible to utilize some of what is in zc.recipe.zeo which has this behaviour when database is defined as an option, otherwise it would pass to do what it is currently doing. I use other backend storages also so would like to have it operate automatic with filestorage recipe or manually configured. Many thanks.


  <filestroage 1>
     path ${database:path}


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