Marius Gedminas <mgedmin <at>> writes:

> > 
> > /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/ -S schema.xml -b 10 
> >  -s zdsock -u www -x 0,2 -a 9999 -f Data.fs -t 10 -m 18
> I'd be inclined to look for invisible control characters such as CR at
> the end of that line.
> Marius Gedminas

I've done lots of stuff, including re-typing it from scratch.  It also happens
when the -m 18 is in the middle of the set of options.

Strange thing is that I tried this same experiment on the machine that DOES 
and I get the same error.

That leaves me without any clues why zdrun is failing on my new machine.

So, what's the best way to troubleshoot why zdrun just waits forever?
I'm currently trying to figure out how dulcinea decides what to hand to
zeod (zeoctl.)


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