Andreas Jung schrieb:
> 1) ZODB 3.2 is pretty old (we are at ZODB 3.8 right now)
> 2) Python 2.5 and ZODB is unsupported and likely only working with
>  the latest ZODB versions.
> Use the _supported_ Python versions _only_.
Hmm, I would hardly like to downgrade my python, but I'll give it a try
with a newer ZODB version. I dowloaded ZODB3-3.8.0b1 now, but there
seems to be no included, although mentioned in the
README-file... :( While building I again receive lots of warnings about
outdated functions.

Which package would be the best one to try?

Would I need to change something in my zope installation too, or add any
upgraded packages? (I have the 3.2.1-20 rpm installed).

Best regards,

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