On Sep 5, 2007, at 3:42 AM, Sebastian Wehrmann wrote:

Am 4. September 2007, 16:17:27 Uhr schrieb Jim Fulton:

I would very much like to see an open indexing+querying framework for
Python objects.  I'm thinking of something *like* an SQL engine that
allowed one to plug in relation and index implementations and that
took queries in some form, optimized them and executing them using
the given index and relations.

We plan to realize three things important to us:

- We don't want indexing on application-level (e.g. application- specific)

What does that mean? Relational applications certainly define application specific indexes.

- We want ad-hoc queries


- We don't want to rely on transforming the data into a relational model


My tutor is Christian Theune here at gocept.

My ZODB experience is quite low, I'm just getting started. Bear with any questions I come up, please.

I'd like to see a generic framework for defining collections and indexes in Python and querying them efficiently. No ZODB expertise should be needed,


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