Hi Martijn,

Thanks for the references. A colleague of mine had some comments, I'm
forwarding them in case any list members would like to take up the
benchmarking gauntlet or further qualify the linked benchmarks: how far
can we depend on them?

Ashok writes:

I can see a couple of areas, where that query he has used for inserting
data (in the context of Sqlite) could be speeded up.... like... the
usage of executeMany... I have used it before and for various reasons
the performance of that vs a looping insert is much slower.....

And the other thing is ...the performance of a low footprint db like
Sqlite3 can be misleading... since the indexing mechanisms are
rudimentary when compared to something like Postgres or Oracle....
which means once you reach a certain volume of data performance will
most certainly drop off steeply....

.. and the benchmark is really for insertion of data.... I would be
interested in things like indexed retrieval of data...

jean                                              . .. .... //\\\oo///\\
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