Dear ZODB-dev list,

I have a very strange problem with my zodb that I'm hoping you can help me with.

Within the last few days something very strange has happened: All newly created or modified objects get a _p_mtime that is clearly incorrect and too big for DataTime to consider it a valid timestamp. (ie. int(obj._p_mtime) returns a long).

Values I get for _p_mtime on these newly altered objects are something like:
with only the last few decimals differing among all affected objects.
Objects changed at the same time appear to get the same stamp.

My site is stock Zope-2.9.7 with Plone 2.5.X and a slew of other products. It's zodb is approaching 3GB of mainly text, so it has a lot of objects!

Only the zmi seems to look at _p_mtime, so my (production!) frontend acts normal. But I'm thinking there also might be some problems with caching? Plus.. unexplained, strange behaviour makes me very nervous!

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated! - Please ask for more specifics!
Thanks in advance
Thomas Clement Mogensen
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