Thomas Clement Mogensen-2 wrote:
> [...]
> Within the last few days something very strange has happened: All  
> newly created or modified objects get a _p_mtime that is clearly  
> incorrect and too big for DataTime to consider it a valid timestamp.  
> (ie. int(obj._p_mtime) returns a long).
> [...]

I had this happen to me a few of times. Usually after using the *EVIL* hack
of deleting Data.fs.lock to be able to run "zopectl debug" while the server
was running without ZEO (don't do that, btw, have I mentioned how utterly
*EVIL* this is?).

The solution was to chop transactions off the Data.fs till it started
behaving again. To do that, truncate the last few bytes off of your Data.fs
(say, 10 bytes) and restart, Zope will discard the partial transaction at
the end and start successfully. If your system is still not behaving, rinse
and repeat. You WILL lose the data in these last transactions you truncate.

Cheers, Leo

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