Thusjanthan (Nathan) Kubendranathan wrote at 2007-10-4 11:10 -0700:
>To all my fellow zope experts,
>I am not very proficient in zope. I need to extract all the data from a
>data.fs (zope filesystem) into a database. Basically all it contains is
>users and notes about users etc. So it's a note taking system. 
>So basically I am trying to recover some data from a zope.fs file and I have
>no clue how to get about it. How do I being to read the data from this file?
>So far I have the following: 

"FileStorage" is too low level:

   At the "FileStorage" level, an object is described
   by an oid, a serial (i.e. a timestamp, when the object was
   written) and some opaque data.

   Only the "DB" level above knows that the opaque data
   consists usually of two pickles: one describing the class/type
   and the other describing the object state.

You may try to transfer your data via FTP/WebDAV from your Zope
to the filesystem. However, it will only work, if the objects
have decent FTP-Support (which may not be the case).

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