The tests did show up the problem.

It seems someone beat me to opening the bug report: I found a related problem and added it along with a patch.

Unfortunately there still seem to be problems in my application and it looks like it's a zodb issue (or some dependency). Since it was only a quick evaluation on my part, it looks like I'll have to go with something else. I'll return to it later if I have time.



Jim Fulton wrote:
Interesting. I'm amazed that this wasn't caught by any of the extensive ZODB tests.

Would you mind submitting this as a bug report:


On Oct 16, 2007, at 6:14 AM, Shane Evans wrote:


I was looking at zodb for the first time and noticed a problem where persistent objects would be read and not have all their attributes. A simple test case it attached ( It prints "not set" when I run it.

After a little poking it seems the error is with the use of int instead of Py_ssize_t. The attached patch fixed my problem - I thought I'd send it around in case it was of use to others. I noticed a few other places where int is also used in this context, it's probably worth changing everywhere and adding the appropriate "#if PY_VERSION_HEX" incantation.



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