On 10/29/07, Roché Compaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The tests are written as unit tests and are run with a testrunner
> script. The project uses buildout to make it easy to get going.
> Unfortunately installing it with buildout on some systems seems to lead
> to weird import errors that I can't explain so I would appreciate it if
> somebody with buildout fu can look at it.

When you run the test script, it looks for tests in in the directory
where you have the egg that you are testing. Since this is your case
is ".", it finds the tests in all the eggs, and tries to run them too,
which fails.

I've moved the source down into a subdirectory "src" which solves that
problem. Scream at me if you want me to undo those changes. :-) (it's
revision 52638.)

Oh, and I removed collective.zodbbench.egg-info. You don't need to
check it in, buildout rebuilds it.

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