On Nov 9, 2007, at 8:41 AM, Jim Fulton wrote:

On Nov 9, 2007, at 8:31 AM, Chris McDonough wrote:
It also contains TimeStamp, which will get moved out of persistent.


I don't see any uses of TimeStamp by the transaction package. In your new package, it is only used by its tests.

D'oh! You're right. Out it goes. I wrote tests for it, I'll add them to the persistent package.

The tests work (reqt's are downloaded) if you do "setup.py test -q"

Yawn. IMO, the test command in setuptools is a waste of time, because it doesn't work with anything else.

It runs all the tests, even the doctests, if thats what you mean. See the "additional_tests" hair in the test modules.

zope.interface is a real requirement.  It is already in test_requires.

Over time, we need to clean up the transaction tests so they don't use ZODB.

Yeah, given that we're name this thing "transaction", it's an actually an immediate requirement. There's only one test that uses anything that can't be mocked up in the transaction package (it uses an actual MappingStorage and a DB) itself. It also happens to be the one that fails right now; I haven't tried to understand it yet.

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