In the meantime, I've gotten rid of 'zope.transaction' and I've created a new top-level 'transaction' package at . All its tests pass. It depends only on 'zope.interface', and requires 'zope.testing' for running the tests.


I think you are pretty close to done -- if not done. Much thanks. I wish there was a way to state anti-requirements in setuptools. Then we could say that transaction had an anti-requirement for ZODB3 < 3.9.

Yeah, especially given that I removed a deprecated method (beforeCommitHook), so its installation may tend to break running systems. Maybe I should put it back, as systems will probably continue to "just work" even if they have this installed for any system that uses a recent Zope.

BTW, it would be nice to now remove the transaction package from the ZODB trunk and make it a dependency.

Yes. ZODB's is polyglotic... it works if setuptools isn't installed. I suspect it shouldn't continue to given that it now has an external egg dependency.

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