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In the meantime, I've gotten rid of 'zope.transaction' and I've created a new top-level 'transaction' package at http:// svn.zope.org/transaction/ . All its tests pass. It depends only on 'zope.interface', and requires 'zope.testing' for running the tests.


I think you are pretty close to done -- if not done. Much thanks. I wish there was a way to state anti-requirements in setuptools. Then we could say that transaction had an anti-requirement for ZODB3 < 3.9.

Yeah, especially given that I removed a deprecated method (beforeCommitHook), so its installation may tend to break running systems. Maybe I should put it back, as systems will probably continue to "just work" even if they have this installed for any system that uses a recent Zope.

I'm not sure what's best here. One option might be to write something that searches sys.path looking for and complaining about multiple transaction modules.

BTW, it would be nice to now remove the transaction package from the ZODB trunk and make it a dependency.

Yes. ZODB's setup.py is polyglotic... it works if setuptools isn't installed. I suspect it shouldn't continue to given that it now has an external egg dependency.

My intent, if I can find time, is to rewrite the setup script from scratch and require setuptools. I suspect it will be much simpler at that point.


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