tsmiller wrote:
Thanks.  The changes that you suggested work.  I think that what I did not
see is that one key = one btree.  I was trying to store multible stores
under a single btree ie..
dbRoot['books'] = bTree.OOBTree()
dbRoot['books']['store1'] = {}
dbRoot['books']['store2'] = {}
dbRoot['books']['store3'] = {}
I was thinking that you would have a single btree that kept everything. But
it looks like I have to do the following, which will mean that I will have
many btrees in my program.  Is this correct thinking?
dbRoot['books']['store1'] = bTree.OOBTree()
dbRoot['books']['store2'] = bTree.OOBTree()
dbRoot['books']['store3'] = bTree.OOBTree()

So is it correct that you have   (one key =  one bTree)  relationship?


Instead of using dicts you use btrees.

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