On Dec 5, 2007, at 2:30 AM, Christian Theune wrote:

Am Montag, den 03.12.2007, 14:37 -0500 schrieb Jim Fulton:
Gaaaaah, I misspoke. 3.7 does claim to support Python 2.5

Interesting. The README doesn't state that on the 3.7 branch. Where is
this claimed?

I'll port the 64-bit fixes if we really do support Python 2.5 in ZODB

No. I misspoke the second time. I remember trying to get 3.7 working with Python 2.5, but looking back at the announcement I see I gave up. I got confused when I made the 3.7 Python 2.5 windows release at someone's request.

3.7 doesn't support Python 2.5. Even though I don't like removing eggs from PyPI, I'm going to remove the Python 2.5 egg for 3.7.


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