for those of you watching the commit lists closely I made a branch at:


which uses a very simple approach to using the pickle protocol version 2
in all parts of the ZODB by externalizing it into a constant in
config.py and changing all protocol versions from a hardcoded 1 into
using the constant.

My main motivation was to see how much work this would be and see the
actual size reduction / speed improvement this could bring.

After doing benchmarks with some real world Data.fs from various Plone
sites I had (small ones up to some gigabyte of data) and some
handcrafted ones, there doesn't seem to be any performance difference
and an average 1% size reduction. Obviously this is highly dependent on
the data as version 2 only gives advantages in the way the object
metadata is stored but not the payload of the object, data.fs files with
a high number of small new-style class based objects might see some
bigger improvements.

Now without using the highly debatable 'extension registry' mentioned in
http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0307 this doesn't seem to be much a
gain, though.

If others want to play with the branch feel free to do so. Unless
someone can convince me of the real value in pursuing this I'll abandon
the branch.


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