On Dec 28, 2007, at 5:26 AM, Flavio Coelho wrote:

Hi, is there any way to minimize the need for database packing? I wouldn't mind loosing the ability of undoing transactions.

There's a significant performance benefit to keeping some non-current data to support multi-version concurrency control.

There Berkely Database Storage supported automatic incremental packing without garbage collection. If someone were to revitalize that effort and if one was willing to do without cyclic garbage collection, then that storage would remove the need for the sort of disruptive pack we have with FileStorage now.

Note that I'm working on a new FileStorage packer that is 2-3 times faster and, I believe, much less disruptive than the current packing algorithm. It also provides an option to skip garbage collection, making it twice again as fast.

It is available now as a separate monkey-patch in the zc.FileStorage package.


Jim Fulton
Zope Corporation

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