Calling obj._p_deactivate() didn't help either....

I made a few simple tests:

if I run a empty loop (with just a pass statement), its fine. However If I
something as simple as printing an attribute of the object, there goes my



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> Flavio Coelho wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I wrote a simple script to move data from a ZODB database to sqlite.
> >  My data is in a OOBTree, I chose this because supposedly you can bring
> the
> > buckets to memory one at a time....
> >
> > So what I am doing is basically this: I iterate over my objects and
> write
> > them one-by-one to the other db.
> > for k,u in user_root['userdb'].items(): # I have tried iteritems() here
> too
> > but the results are the same....
> >     # write the data to sqlite
> >
> > My problem is that my database is big and  as the memory consumption
> > increases as the loop progresses until all my memory is exhauted and the
> OS
> > goes into swap. It seems that the objects from previous iterations are
> not
> > been cleared from memory.
> > Am I doing something wrong, or is it impossible to iterate over a ZODB
> > database which is bigger than you memory?
> The connection normally only tries to enforce its cache size limit at
> transaction boundaries:  if you are iterating manually in a script, you
> need to free things up manually, e.g. by calling '_p_deactivate' on the
> object when you are done with it.
> Tres.
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