Flavio Coelho wrote at 2008-1-17 14:57 -0200:
>Some progress!
>Apparently the combination of:
>            u._p_deactivate()

You do not need that when you use "commit".

>            transaction.savepoint(True)
>            transaction.commit()

You can use "u._p_jar.cacheGC()" instead of the "commit".

>helped. Memory  consumption keeps growing but much more slowly (about 1/5 of
>the original speed). Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that
>ideally memory usage should stay constant throughout the loop, shouldn't it?

You are sure that "SQLLite" does not keep data in memory?

>Moreover, I shouldn't need to commit either, since I am not modifying the

The commit calls "cacheGC" for you. You can instead call "cacheGC" yourself.

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