On Jan 21, 2008, at 5:00 AM, Dieter Maurer wrote:

Looking at the current (not Jims new) pack algorithm to optimize
the reachability analysis, I recognized a behaviour that looks
like a potential data loss through packing.

I will be applying my changes to the trunk soon.

The potential data loss can occur when an object unreachable at
pack time becomes reachable again after pack time.

The current pack supports a single use case which can cause such
an object resurrection: the use of backpointers (probably from "undo").

However, resurrection is possible by other means as well -- e.g.
by reinstating a historical version which references objects
meanwhile deleted.

Oooh, that's an interesting case.

Packing can cause such objects to get lost (resulting in POSKeyErrors).

Reinstating a historical version which references to meanwhile
deleted objects is probably quite a rare situation such
that the potential data loss seems not to be very critical.

But, potential data loss is nasty, even when the probablity is quite low.

I've already forgotten what I learned looking at the current algorithm, although I thought it was immune to this. I thought it "counted" all references after the pack time.

I'm sure the new pack algorithm is immune to this. It would be helpful to design a test case to try to provoke this.


Jim Fulton
Zope Corporation

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