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Hi there,

It would be great if we put our community's secret gem, the ZODB, into the limelight more, and the Google Summer of Code would be a great opportunity. We need mentors, and fast, so if you want to mentor someone, please sign up in this wiki page here:


Ideas concerning ZODB improvements are also welcome on that page.

Besides the many technical ideas I'm sure you will all have, one topic I think would be very nice is for someone to actually work on a ZODB website. Unfortunately this cannot be a direct SoC project as the SoC focuses on code, not documentation, but it'd be a nice potential side effect none the less. :)

The aim would be to approach Python developers who don't care about Zope at all, and tell them about the ZODB, how to get it, and how to join into our community. Python developers who *do* care about Zope are of course more than welcome too, it should just be clear that this is for everybody.



For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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