On Sun, 2008-03-23 at 17:25 -0400, Sean Allen wrote:
> I have not as it seemed rather Zope specific.
> Are there particular parts I could zero in on as being particularly  
> relevant?

I don't know enough about your application to say. If it is a web
application then quite a lot is relevant especially the form and schema
stuff. In general though I would not want to build an application
without a component architecture and that pretty much means I'll use

>  I have read the zodb/zeo guide as well as several other
> things my googling turned up plus some misc other documents
> from zope.org that seemed applicable.

I can see that you are trying hard to find answers so if you don't
please continue sending your questions to the list.

> The big problem I have is that all the zodb stuff i have found is
> either very trivial or tied up zope. Zope by this point in time,
> is a highly advanced and complicated system from the outside.
> Having to slog through zope specific stuff trying to pick out
> zodb details is frustrating.

I agree that having a basic ZODB example that doesn't require Zope will
help. So let me know if there are still gaps in your understanding and
if you still need help with the indexing and searching of objects.

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