Shane Hathaway wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:
FileStorage-over-ZEO managed the test in 3 mins 20 seconds

Relatorage-to-Oracle managed the test in 3 mins 18 seconds

Cool, although it's not clear the storage speed had a major impact.

Well, the point was that RelStorage-to-Oracle was of similar speed to FileStorage-over-ZEO, meaning there are no performance reasons not to head for the former.

Oracle win. ;) I've seen evidence that RelStorage on MySQL even has a chance of beating plain FileStorage in performance.

Cool :-)

I'd be really interested to try some tests with multiple ZEO clients attached to a FileStorage versus multiple RelStorage client attached to Oracle. I suspect Oracle would win ;-)

I am certainly interested in hearing the results of that test.

This might happen tomorrow, we'll see...


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