I've been using the ZODB pretty intensively for a few weeks now, and
suddenly have started getting intermittent Database conflict errors, after
which calling conn.sync() makes no difference, and I cannot get back to the
pre-exception state in one of my ZEO clients, although all the others
continue quite happily.

I was using 3.7.0a0 and downloaded the 3.8 egg.  The behaviour remains the

I am using a ZEO server with filestorage, and have tried rebuilding the
database from scratch, but the intermitent conflict error appears.

The error is :
database conflict error (oid 0x029b, class btreelist.BTreeQueue, serial this
txn started with 0x03750b64c9cf1f00 2008-04-11 08:36:47.299000, serial
currently committed 0x03750b64ca57a788 2008-04-11 08:36:47.424000)

BTreeQueue is a very simple wrapper over IOBTree.  Using integer keys.

Question : What does the "conflict error" actually mean ?
Question : All my other ZEO clients continue happily  -- and even this
process works ***most*** of the time.  Short of dropping the ZEO connection
and rejoining is there a way of resetting the ZEO session?


Andrew Thompson
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