David Durham, Jr. wrote:
My questions is whether or not RelStorage supports BLOBs.  My
situation is that I have a Plone site with user uploaded images and
other files, that should presumably be stored as BLOBs with
RelStorage.  I'm open to placing BLOBs outside of RelStorage if that's
reasonably accomplished.

I think an NFS mount is still a better place for BLOBs than a relational database. If we put BLOBs in a relational database, we'd have to carefully dance with inter-thread connections and simulated file handles that may stay open for a long time. With NFS those concerns are already taken care of.

The normal way to set up BLOB storage in zope.conf is to create a <blobstorage> wrapper around a storage configuration. That might just work with RelStorage, but I haven't tried it yet.

The whole point of using RelStorage, for me, is reliability since I
can use Oracle features to improve failure scenarios.  I realize that
Zope sells a replication product, but I will not be able to obtain
funding for this.  I'm also curious if something like ZeoRAID would be
more appropriate for my usage scenario.

Well, I think RelStorage is up to the task, though the capability has not yet been proven.


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